*Style Icon* : KELLY KAPOWSKI from ‘Saved By The Bell’

One of my Ultimate Fav programmes from the 90’s was Saved By The Bell!
Does anyone else remember this programme.?
I used to watch it everyday after school on the Trouble Channel, and when it ended after growing up with this programme I was not impressed! The programmes now days just arent the same as they were in the 90’s!:( 
*My fav character on the show was Kelly Kapowski, because of how fun and innocent she was and especially for her style and how she dressed with her Bold Florals and Bright Neons.
Her whole look was so 90’s and Retro, which I seriously was and still love! ❤
                   Image                   Image    
Image                 Image
I have always admired Kelly’s style on the show from the start.
She did start off with bright neon outfits and cropped tops which some people wouldn’t agree with but her looks began to change slightly more into the show where her looks were much more mature, however, she still kept the classic off the shoulder and turtle neck looks. A lot of the outfits in these photos are slowly but surly creeping back into fashion(Yayyy!!) Such as off the shoulder tops, over-sized jumpers and floral prints are some examples.
 I have always seemed to have 90s items in my wardrobe that I never wanted to part with, from old clothes to vintage clothes, to my mams hand-me-downs. 

Here are some items similar to Kelly Kapowsk’s style :

 Image    Image    Image
New Look*
      Image  Image Image

       Image        Image

I found this cute site where you can customise tour own tops and get the Iconic ‘Bayside Tigers’ top, here:

There are so many trends from Saved By The Bell seen in collections now,
such as neon colours, bold prints, floral designs and trends that are current at the moment too. I find so much inspiration from looking at old photos of Kelly and I love seeing the different ways she paired items together.



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