H&M : Anna Dello Russo









               HERE is another Collection that I will defiantly be purchasing from!!

Anna Dello Russo’s much-awaited accessories collection for H&M lands at H&M stores world-wide.

The Editor-at-Large of Japan Vogue epitomizes high fashion and judging from the pre-release images this collaboration of accessories is to-die-for!
The collection will feature statement necklaces, sunglasses, handbags, headpieces and even a glamorous suitcase, prepare to lust after absolutely everything. (I know I will!)
The colours of this collection are gold and turquoise, Dello Russo has created some of the most exquisite pieces at what we expect will be bargain prices…

*On the 4th of October this year, we will all be able to get our hands on this Amazing Collection
…form the orderly queue ladies!

The Weekend is nearly upon us:) 🙂



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