Removing your Shellacs…

I normally wouldn’t write much about Nails, but when I got Shellacs done a few weeks ago I didn’t know how to take them off without picking them off(which is really bad for your nails so please don’t do it!) and someone else might have the same problem as me..
My nails were already beginning to chip so they needed to come off and
So I searched the web and saw how easy it is!:)
All you need is 1.)bottle of ace-tone free nail varnish remover (boots @ €3)
2.)cotton pads (boots or primark @ €2)
3.)tin foil ( probably in your kitchen!)
4.)empty container (I used an empty washed out Chinese takeaway dish)

It’s so easy to do and doesn’t take long:)
All you have to do is soak the cotton pads in the nail varnish remover in the empty container, then place on top of each nail and wrap the tin foil around the nail… Leave for around 5mins and take off:) the nail varnish should be partly peeled away and just lightly push off the rest with a soft cuticle stick and should come right off:) just go over the nail with some nail varnish remover for some parts leftover and hand cream to keep your nails healthy!:)

Hope that helped!*
K xx



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