Belt it up





                 Hi all!*
Need an accessory or a pop of sparkle or a statement piece to make tour outfit stand out and look perfect.?
Well Belts are the way to go!:)
They are really coming back in trend now, not just for keeping up a pair of jeans but now also to add more colour or to split up and outfit.
Cinched around the waist, a skinny belt adds a ladylike quality to boxy dresses or coats…
A thick chunky belt can help a simple outfit looked more puled together…

I am Loving and how they put belts with their outfits makes them look stunning and really catched my eye more than if they were with out them.
I especially love the Black and Gold belts at the moment, either skinny or thick, I think they add a touch of glam and more personalised effect.

The weekend is nearly upon us again:)
Aaaand also closer to Summer and Exams being over!!*

K ❤


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