Ocean Blue




                                                          ❤     ❤      ❤     ❤
Hello June!!*
Finally we have sunshine and I wont be forever trying to re-live my hols as the weather is actually becoming nice and getting to wear our fab summer clothes!

Here are my last few pics from my hols, it was the fastest week ever, time does fly when your having fun;)

Can’t wait to start doing more outfit mosts in the gorgeous sun so keep tuned and also going to start showing ye more great places to shop for some summer clothing discounts!
Hope ye are all enjoying the sun(hoping it will last for a good while)

As some of ye may not know I have an absolute LOVE for SHOES!!!
So when I did a spot of shopping on hols I fell in love with these beauties I had to have them!
This is why I’m broke alot of the time because of stunning shoes!
                                                       *Navy Wedges – Bershka*
                                                    *Metallic Sandal Heels – Zara*

More posts coming up over the next few days:)
Enjoy the sun!*

K xx


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