Lippy Love




Hi all*
Hope ye are all enjoying the sun 🙂

In this hot weather, I know its hard to put on make-up without feeling like it is going to fall off your face!!
So instead of wearing a lot of make-up and not having to worry about it sweating off your face,(hate the feeling!) why not try to put on less make-up ut instead with some mascara and lippy. As I have gotten realy addidcted to different colour lipsticks and experiment with them alt lately, I think its also more fun to change up your make-up by a pop of colour on your lips, instead of over-doing your eyes, keep them fresh and instead draw the attention to your lips:)
It takes so little time but looks beautiful and can take seconds to re-touch:)

My fav lipstick at the moment is my Purple Lipstick Gloss from INGLOT, their stores are located in Limerick and Dublin and with their affordable prices and long lasting products I would highly reccomend them.

These are my tips when choosing your lipstick colour*:

  • When choosing your lipstick colour try pick a colour that you know you’ll love to wear and feel confident in,
  • Try match your lipstick to your skin tone that won’t stand out in a bad way,
  • Wearing lipstick with your make-up, don’t over-do the rest of your make up as your lipstick is a statement colour in itself,
  • If you have some time, try to match your lipstick with what your wearing,(example:matching red lippy with a red skirt or lilac lippy with a lilac flower in your top)
  • Try to keep up with trends of the season,(example:for the summer all bright and neon colours are all in)

    *Hope that might have helped ye when deciding on your lipstick colour 🙂

    Stay sun protected and lots of suncream, were in for a heatwave!!
    Have a fab weekend,
    K xx


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