Festival Fun





      Hi all*
I’v decided to do a blog post on Festival Essentials and the best things to bring and wear… As I was meant to be attending Electric Picnic, but now to work commitments I can’t so hopefully next year instead!

1.) Denim Shorts – with or without tights, don’ worry about tanning as you will properly end up covered in mud anyways so no one is going to notice.
(@Flutteronby.com … they do customised denim shorts)
2.)Wellies/Converse – Major essential for going around in the mud and don’t have to worry about getting your good pair of expensive boots ruined, and easy to walk in all day with no worry of the heel aching you after all hours!
(@Dunnes Stores and Primark… store floral style wellies)
3.)Rain Jacket – In case it does start raining you want a jacket that will keep you some bit dry and not completely soaked to the skin.
(@Boohoo.com … I have recently seen all types of light and heavy jackrts here.)
Image                     Image
4.)Socks/Leggings – Its a festival your meant to have fun and be colorful!!;)
The best thing to wear and also to keep your feet warm, is knee-high socks for under your wellies or colorful leggings.
(@Cute frilly knee-high socks from @Debenhams and different coloured leggings from @Boohoo.com and @Primark)
                                                   Image                                                                     Image
5.) Accessories – Be funky and hippy* and wear every accessory, it doesn’t need to match!
I think the key accessories for festivals at the moment are Flower head bands, Hats, Arm pieces and Sunnies… also getting face paints like Pixie Lott here.*

The Essentials:
1.)Phone/Camara… For your festival experience to all be captured as memories ❤

2.)Dry Shampoo… A must for a long weekend festival to help your hair feel cleaner.

3.)Face Wipes… They will help give a quick clean on any face/body and help to feel fresh.

4.)Water and Aspirin… With all the dancing going on try to keep hydrated and a packet of Panadol in case of any nasty headaches or tummy aches.

5.)Anti-bacterial hand gel… For at times like going to the cubicle and perhaps no washing facilities or eating from your tent.

6.)Loads of plastic bags… You’ll use them to sit on, to keep stuff dry, to carry away your own debris

7.)One complete set of dry clothes packed in something completely waterproof – like a sealed plastic bag.

= I hope those essentials may help a little towards preparing for your festival:)

Have fun, be safe and stick together with your friends,
Kel xxx


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