Fi Bourke Fashion: Phone Covers

Hi all*

Iv decided to do a blog post on Fi Bourke Fashion … I had a few 21st presents to get and really wanted them to be special and unique, so after looking at all her previous work, which I have followed for a while and the great responses she gets, I decided to get 2 covers, a deal of 60€ for 2( which is a very good deal for how fab the cases are)

The one in the red was mine and the blue one was for my friend as she was going to Paris for a year and wanted her to have something that would always remind her of her friends and home…

…And because of a mix up with the details (not to anyones fault) Fi kindly added in some extra bits also to the package:)


*I would highly recommend having a look at her page, for anyone who wants to style up their phone , she also does other styling of products such as album covers, frames, passports, etc..;)
I think that the pictures speaks for themselves of how good the quality and how unique they are:)

K xxx


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