Outfit Post: Business Ball 15′

Happy Weekend!* I had my Business College Ball a few weeks ago, and as I’m gradually getting back into blogging properly I’d love to tell ye about it! College Balls are always so much fun and the best part, I think, is the whole part before hand off getting all done up,deciding on a dress and getting ready with your friends. Unfortunately though, this all costs money which a a lot of us students don’t really have to be spending on but still want to look our best! So, as we are in times now, where we can upgrade and recycle our old clothes, with a lot of older trends coming in and out of fashion, and make them look better than ever. I suggest as a helpful tip to any of ye who do have upcoming balls or debs to search your wardrobe or friends wardrobes for older dresses and do them up with accessories because you wouldnt believe how different outfits really do look! I decided for my ball I would wear my debs dress(which I wore around 2011 I think ha ha!)which I bought in Limerick in  Virginia’s Bridal Limerick, I did panic that it would not fit but after a bit of twigging I was actually really happy with it! I did my hair and makeup differently, wore gold heels and accessories, so very different from before. I bought my earrings and belt from one of my ultimate fav shops for everything unique and vintage* Here is there on-line site but they do also have stores located in Kilkenny and Dublin. Folkster.com (I’ll be doing another post on them soon also!)

Here are some pics of my dress Before for my Debs…… and After when up-styled it for my      Ball:) *Before:

*After:  037 002 (2)

Hope this may help some people trying to figure out what to wear for their next ball! Kel xx


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