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From less than 2weeks from now I am heading off state side to America for the whole summer!!
I am so so excited after finally getting my Visa for America it feels much closer now, time is flying!
I have always dreamed about going to America and didn’t get the chance to when my Mom went a few years ago.
Our initial plan is to head to Boston, where it’s always been a place I wanted to visit, it looks so beautiful…and also having plans to go to New York(being one of the fashion capitals of the world I just cannot wait!!)
As I’m nearly finished college this should hopefully give me more future ideas about what my plans may be when I finish my course, Iv got to start planning from somewhere!*

Also… Iv been buying bits every few days for my trip,
and managed to buy over five pairs of sunglasses!
Slight obsession;) You can get ones like these here on Ebay

Have a great weekend!
Kel x*


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