To Blog…?

For someone who has read numerous fashion books and magazines, an avid reader of fashion and lifestyle blogs and articles and assignments for college, I was never one who was great at writing. It was something that I thought would be easy to do but when it came to posting frequently I just don’t think that it came to me as easy as it does for some other bloggers… I had a serious mental block and so I had to re-think about if I wanted to keep blogging or to give up completely… I would have to make big changes…

So that is why I decided to leave my little blog for a period of time to think about if I wanted to leave it for good, because if I was to do it I didn’t want it to be ‘half-done / effortless’ or not done properly, or for myself to get more practice at writing and researching, and so that is what I did (well tried to do)… I finished off my final year in college with my degree in Marketing and researched other blogs and entrepreneurs once I had more time again after my studies…
captureWhile it is fantastic how the ‘blogging world’ is after expanding, and I admire those who are unique and have worked hard from the start to get to where they are today, such as ‘Manrepeller’, I do think unfortunately that some people judge for the cliches that are associated with ‘bloggers’ as some may think its just to be ‘seen’ or just to get ‘freebies’ because some may have the finances to promote their pages or to finance a competition for their ‘followers’, etc but a higher percentage are not all like that.
That is my opinion, I know people have very mixed opinions when it comes to blogging but it is what generated some of the reasons why I stopped my blog in the first place was because I wasn’t someone who has a perfect lifestyle or looks ‘perfect’ on a daily basis, because I certainly don’t… I have frizzy hair, I’m a foodie lover, I love avocados and rice cakes (haha), I don’t wear makeup everyday, I am not a pro at photography, I have the travel bug (always trying to plan where to visit next), I have my own job and earn my own money, I don’t buy new clothes everyday, but after years I have learned to be more confident in my self, sometimes through the clothes I wear I’ve learnt to not leave someone put me down because they didn’t like what I wore, its what makes me happy and if you can’t be happy in yourself then who can…

Perhaps this is why You may or may not follow my blog and that is totally okay, I ‘m not trying to be anyone else or any other blogger but just Me*…

Aztec Desires

This was a very honest personal  post for me to write…

Thank You for taking time to read this post and any of my posts…
Kel x


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