Instead of just reading your same ‘ole Sunday paper or magazine, I came upon this article, where I seen the link on Facebook and popped back into my mind today and how I think Everyone needs to read this inspirational piece ❤️

I couldn’t express how important it is for everyone and your own mental health as sometimes not spoken enough about and I could explain about what I’ve just read and how my heart sank but I think you are better to read it for yourself and how it will touch everyone and I think maybe help some people too…
Such beautifully written @mollytwomey


🌟While Im honestly not great for finishing books, but for once I’m determined to fully finish this one, its called ‘Fashion is Freedom’, by Tala Raassi.
It seems like a really interesting read and so far I cannot put it down…

Really shows that once you set your mind set on something anything can be possible… motivating me for my upcoming adventure💌💭💭💭

More about the book and the author Here

Have a good week,
Kel x


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