After hearing about the result of the Election in America, it honestly did worry me about what way it may affect myself or many others going over there on my visa. Its hard to know what to even think to be honest but after I spoke to people about it, at the end of the day there is nothing that I can do about it but stay positive and keep looking forward to my adventure ahead.

The days are really flying by and the excitement is kicking in and I have already started my extreme wardrobe clear out.
I have sent a large bag already into one of the charity shops in the city and also added loads more to my  Depop account – @aztecdesires and have put some (and also will be more) of the items I am selling on there… so go see if there is anything that catches your eye, most items have either been worn a few times or some not at all.
I’ve a busy few weeks ahead of me, with it all hitting me now… but I really can’t wait.

As I know that I will need to get more bits before I head away and with more sales on at the end of November for ‘Black Friday’ (major discount sales day in retail on certain items)
I have tried to keep in mind some key points that may also help You when it comes to purchasing at Sales…
1.) Is the item within Your price range or are You risking another essential in exchange for it,
2.) Before making that impulse buy, consider whether that piece would work as part of at least two or three other outfits in your wardrobe…otherwise, it’s probably not worth it,
3.) Don’t buy on the ‘spur of the moment’, especially if you’re searching for something specific. (I used to be very bad for this!) Giving yourself enough time to browse, try stuff on, and not get all stressed out, unless you know what the item is your looking for,
4.) Pick key pieces that you know that you need and decide beforehand (with a list if needed) what kinds of items you’re looking for,
5.) Don’t buy just because its on Sale… it all adds up!

Kel x



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