Traveling Beauties

The excitement and nerves are full on for my departure for NY and I still cannot believe it’s really happening!!

With my major wardrobe clear out in full progress, after coming upon some pieces where I think I only wore once and some I had a few moments of ‘what were you thinking when you bought this!?’👎🏼🙈🙈

I have recently bought a few pieces which I think I may get some different stylish looks out of for work or interviews… This is one dress (of course in black*) that I recently bought in Topshop … But I’ll always need more than one LBD right.? 😉

If there is one thing that being sick the last few weeks has shown me, is that you have to look after yourself inside and out and started with stocking up on vitamins and also because I do wear makeup majority of the week so I was looking for something that I could take to NewYork with me, for taking off my makeup but that doesn’t irritate my skin (that wouldn’t be too heavy) I tend to have sensitive/dry skin so I needed something that would work for my skin type.

I Finally got my ‘mits’ on the infamous Cleanse Off Mitt !!! And Woww I am seriously impressed! I have followed the Skin Nerd – Jennifer Rock, for a long time and she is my ‘go-to skin encyclopaedia’ when it comes to anything about your skin, she is so honest about her advice that you just want to hear everything she has to say.

After the Cleanse Off Mitt was released it wasn’t easy to get as it sold out straight away but I finally found a stockist at Inish Pharmacy and got it in the post within a few days.

You would not think that from just using the Mitt that it takes off all your makeup (including eye makeup) by just adding water. It is honestly so soft and a great replacement for makeup remover wipes… and even happier that I will be able to take it with me on my travels.

I highly recommend it to anyone, especially people on the go or travelling🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kel x


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