Tuesday Treats with Primark

Still in shock of the fact that it’s nearly December and only a few short weeks until my voyage to NY!!

The list goes onnnnn of how much I need to buy before I leave and Although I know I can get a lot over there, sometimes you just can’t beat Penneys / Primark *

I am like a magpie when it comes to shiny things and glitter… especially
during Christmas time I am in my element!! 🙈🙈😂 (haha)                                                   



So when I went in to purchase a pair of tights, of course I ended up coming out also with 3 pairs of glittery socks!! But who doesn’t love anything glittery?? 😉





This week I added a touch of CocoaBrown Golden Goddess shimmering oil after my foundation to add an illuminating glow. As I usually use it on my shins and legs, it works just as well on my face.
I’m also excited to try the new CocoaBrown Goddess Collection range which has just been launched with two other new types added…

I decided to try the Primark / Penneys ‘P.S. Love’s Argan Deep Conditioner for only €1.50!!
I have tried different conditioners in the past, especially because my hair gets extra dry & sensitive during the winter months so I am willing to try anything that may help.
As its a ‘deep conditioning mask, meaning it’s supposed to do more than a regular conditioner, I still really didn’t know what it would be like for how cheap it is but I was honestly surprised of how it left my hair soft and so shiny, with a lot less sign of any dryness after having it on for around 4minutes, with a lovely smell and it’s a small size which also makes it ideal for travelling with too…

Let me know if there is any other products that You would be recommended for dry / sensitive hair, without the high price tag… I’m willing to try:)

All of these items above can be bought in any Primark / Penneys store,
I got mine this week in Cork*

Kel x


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