Facemasks Friday

Iv always wanted to try Face masks… I am up for trying nearly anything that helps your skin!
But Iv always had this silly fear that my skin would break out in a bad rash for trying them (don’t know why I really thought that) but after I was very sick with the shingles the past month, my skin was in need of a treatment and I don’t think it could’ve got any worse than it was.

So when I got sent the Brightening Collagen mask from Beauty Belle , that was catered for my sensitive skin, brightening and anti-aging. That it was an easy peel-off mask led me to willing try it.

Firstly when I opened the package, it had an unbelievable fresh scent so I was eager to put it on my face… that it was so easy to apply and held well was important as I always disliked the thought of some face masks that were messy to take off.

It felt so nice on I could’ve kept it on for longer… so I would honestly say that My First Facemask experience got five stars!
My skin felt lovely, hydrated and much brighter afterwards… especially after being run down my skin had been very dehydrated and tired and this really did help.







I would definitely love to try another mask that I saw in the colection, the Timeless Travel Pack, which would be great to have with me on my travels to New York*

I do love to try what I can to find out what the best is for my skin… As I think that the better your skin is, the more comfortable you will feel in yourself ❤️

If any of you would recommend any other good face masks I would love to try..?

You can see more in detail about other products in detail and the price ranges on their website at Beauty Belle

Have a fab weekend,

Kel x


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