Sweater Weather

With now, under a month until New York… I cannot believe it!!!
I have been picking up my last few essentials over the past week… mostly from Penneys / Primark … as everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to go into Penneys / Primark without picking up at least one or two things and with the A/W range being very impressive this year it’s pretty hard not to!

This cosy knitwear with shirt detail underneath, and hat are my latest of finds from there… it’s really warm and cosy, just what I think I’m going to need for the colder weather in New York.

The rest of my outfit is from Topshop **

Winter time is always my favourite especially for styling and layering up, I feel so many more looks can be gotten out of winter wear.
A lot of my knitwear I keep from previous years but I still always purchase new pieces every year too as you can’t beat that fresh softness of new knits and their deffinately one of the essential wardrobe pieces for A/W.

While I have honestly being packing and unpacking for a few weeks (yes I know it’s a bit crazy!) it’s full on hit me now that I am going and what essentials I need to bring with me and having to try and hide my inner hoarder;) to finish my packing without bringing unnecessary items along with me!

Kel x


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