Settling in to NYC

As today marks Two weeks in New York!!! I still can’t believe it but to be honest it kind of feels longer than that for how much that has happened it that short amount of time!

I finally have gotten round to writing this post… The two main things that needs to be done as soon as arriving here is finding an apartment and a job.

(Yes I got easily distracted by this Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & was yummy too!)

So as I have mentioned in my previous post I have very luckily, got myself an apartment! Yayy!! I didn’t mention was all the time it took before coming over here to find somewhere, I honestly started looking while I was waiting for my plane over and as soon as I arrived to set up viewings and after around a week I found a place in Queens… I know it’s not as fancy like in Gossip Girl on the Upper East side of Manhattan but I am settling in here and can pretty much get to anywhere I need to be from here and it’s super safe, which was one of my main priorities when searching.

In this crazy city it is so hard to find some places when your used to small streets and villages at home in Ireland, and getting myself lost (even with the help of GoogleMaps, I’m such a disaster!haha), I’ve learned that getting lost and being alone I got to explore more and really think about more of what I want to do here…

Which leads me to the ‘job’ part… Honestly, No I have not got a job here yet and even after applying to numerous job sites at the end of the day I haven’t lost hope yet and I’m still determined to get to what I came here for;)

I went on a trip to Ellis Island immigration centre a few days ago and seeing what thousands of people did to get to this ‘new land’ it certainly motivated me to keep pushing myself!

It really is a …’concrete jungle where dreams are made of’…

New York really is full of anything imaginable, and just after two weeks I feel like I have did so much, from being in Times Square on New Years Eve to snow covered, winter wonderland in Central Park…

As I’ve arrived here during the winter, I was surprised by all the snow!! Which is absolutely beautiful (but cold) I haven’t really took much outfit pics as I’ve been mostly wrapped up in my Zara coat, which as been a saviour in this cold:)

Hopefully I will get a chance soon to take some more:)

From NYC,

Kel x


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