Blue Blue for Brooklyn Bridge

I have never been more confused about what to wear in this city… it goes from two days of rain, then snow (which I must say was amazing it was like a WinterWonderland) and then sunshine! Also there is so much walking to be done here, just keep walking for hours and something new and exciting will be found:)

So, thankfully I changed into better ‘exploring’ clothes, the day I walked Brooklyn Bridge, in DoubleDenim from Topshop and a classic Adidas top underneath from ASOS, as I would have gotten so cold because as soon as the sunshine dissapeared so too did the warmth! It is one of the most beautiful spots in NYC and especially just to take a step back and view the whole city and realising how lucky that I am to be Here in this Crazy, Beautiful, Breath Taking (literally) city that is New York.

Plus you can never go wrong with some DoubleDenim right!?

Kel x


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