Sunday Strolls

The weeks (over 4 now!) seem to be just flying by here and I can’t believe that it’s now February!! But it’s still winter weather here in NYC and apparently it’s meant to be a cold cold month ahead!

I took a break from my big winter coat, although it has saved me in this cold, I sometimes felt like I was nearly living in it! Which you might have noticed from many of my pics @aztecdesires Instagram ,where you can keep up to date with everything:)

I also may need to invest in better boots for the cold, I’ve resisted it for a while but noticing on the streets of New York or on the subway it really is about comfort and being realistic, or some people might carry their ‘more stylish’ shoes in their bags with them…  let me know if you know of any brands who do nice cosy, but still a stylish pair? Until then… I’m slowly starting to lose feeling of my toes (with three pairs of socks on) haha!

Sundays are always the nicest spent strolling Central Park… it’s so nice to get fresh air out of the city streets and different smells around the park reminds me of one of my river walks from home in Ireland.

(PS; this was not an ad for Starbucks! Haha! I just Love their iced coffee macchiato;))

My outfit, around Central Park… I wore, (what I seem to be living in here) boots and leather pants from Topshop and my cosy knit top and no-sleeve cardigan from Primark.

You just can’t leave the apartment here without a million and one layers but it’s making it feel a bit easier to settle in, with the weather alike from home too!

Happy Monday:)

Kel x


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