The High Line

Happy Friday!!! As it’s a long weekend here for ‘Presidents Day’ on Monday, people seem to be more excited for the weekend then ever:) haha and rightly so! 

Every weekend, I always try and go to either The High Line or Central Park for the beautiful views and fresh air… Sometimes, you have to be reminded of how beautiful New York is outside of the busy noises & bright lights!

If you follow me on  Instagram , you will see how much I love these places although it always seems to be super super cold by the High Line, especially during winter, but it’s worth it:)

After finishing up at New York Fashion Week (which my upcoming post will be about*) it was nice to get outside… I cannot wait for Spring to arrive, not saying that I want my time to go quicker here in New York as it’s already flying by as it! I am looking forward to not having to leave my cosy apartment in 4tops, 3pairs of socks, 2pairsoftights, a pair of gloves, hat, scarf & my big winter coat! My Zara coat has especially saved me during the cold here, but you would sometimes think I wear nothing else:/ Apparently we are meant to have a warm weekend, but who knows the weather here is just so unpredictable! As long as the rain stays away I’m happy!

Have a great weekend!

Kel x

Things New York has thought me so far…

This weekend marks my sixth weekend here in New York. I really have no idea where the time has gone! I have learned and seen so much in that short amount of time, which sometimes feels like less than a few weeks to me… It has certainly tested my emotions and motality, what this city has thrown at me but at the end of the day I still feel so lucky and appreciative of being here… 

( – All of my New York adventure, where these photos are from, can be found on my Instagram @aztecdesires )

… hese are just some things which I’ve learned so far here in the Big Apple:

• Everyone is always, Always in a rush here… so you need to walk fast or move in out of the way because you will get pushed or grunted to move… but after being here this short amount of time, I too realise that I seem to walk around at a faster pace too! Haha

• You will always be Broke… it is an expensive city, between rent, phone credit and subway cards to going out for food and tipping*… learning to budget your money will be key!

• When in doubt, wear black… although it’s one of the Fashion capitals of the world, if you feel like you have nothing to wear (like every girl at some stage does) adding a stylish belt or glam boots will change every outfit… New York loves wearing black!

•  Wear good shoes… runners/trainers will be your best friend when you realise how much walking around you actually end up doing, having them or flats in your bag (I’ve also realised how much more I carry around with me:0) …you will be happy to have the comfort at the end of the day.

• It’s February now… the weather seems as unpredictable as Ireland! Since I’ve been here, there have been sunny days, rain & snow (more snow than I’ve seen in years back in Ireland) so an umbrella or a good coat is a necessity.

•New Yorkers are obsessed with coffee and avocado… I have always loved avocado(and rice cakes for my friends who know me;)) and I never liked coffee but once I tried iced-cawwfeee (with syrup Mmm) I have become obsessed! Yes, there are literally coffee shops on every corner and street, so if you want to rest your feet which will happen a lot or to get your extra coffee or juice boost.

• Battery packs / portable phone chargers… I never realised how much I rely on these, with the amount of time using Google Maps or taking pictures of something new you spot everyday, this all takes up so much battery usage and the worst feeling is when your phone dies and not remembering the address of your destination (this has happened to me a few times;( I seem to have the worst sense of direction)

• Lastly, Whenever I feel like I’m failing, although it’s hard, I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be here and how hundreds others are and have been in the past, trying to make it here too… New York will emotionally and mentally push and pull you & test you in every way, but I already feel it has made me into a stronger person (how cheesy that may sound) from getting lost, yes daily… to not getting a job that I thought I had nailed… but ‘What’s for you won’t pass you’ (I am a true believer of that!)

One other thing that I love here is how diverse it is and how there is a story with everyone you meet and inspiration in places you go… 

Hope your all having a great weekend*

(PS; Sorry this post ended up being longer than I had planned!)

Kel x

Sunday Strolls

The weeks (over 4 now!) seem to be just flying by here and I can’t believe that it’s now February!! But it’s still winter weather here in NYC and apparently it’s meant to be a cold cold month ahead!

I took a break from my big winter coat, although it has saved me in this cold, I sometimes felt like I was nearly living in it! Which you might have noticed from many of my pics @aztecdesires Instagram ,where you can keep up to date with everything:)

I also may need to invest in better boots for the cold, I’ve resisted it for a while but noticing on the streets of New York or on the subway it really is about comfort and being realistic, or some people might carry their ‘more stylish’ shoes in their bags with them…  let me know if you know of any brands who do nice cosy, but still a stylish pair? Until then… I’m slowly starting to lose feeling of my toes (with three pairs of socks on) haha!

Sundays are always the nicest spent strolling Central Park… it’s so nice to get fresh air out of the city streets and different smells around the park reminds me of one of my river walks from home in Ireland.

(PS; this was not an ad for Starbucks! Haha! I just Love their iced coffee macchiato;))

My outfit, around Central Park… I wore, (what I seem to be living in here) boots and leather pants from Topshop and my cosy knit top and no-sleeve cardigan from Primark.

You just can’t leave the apartment here without a million and one layers but it’s making it feel a bit easier to settle in, with the weather alike from home too!

Happy Monday:)

Kel x

Masterworks at the MET

Recently I visited the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Trying to find cheap/free things to do in New York is hard and so with a small donation towards the museum, your able to view the whole museum! Although there is just so much to be seen, I only got to see the ‘Masterworks:Unpacking Fashion’ at the Costume Institute of the museum, which is only there until February 5th, until a new collection takes over… but I will definitely be back again to see more of the museum.

The collections in the museum change around yearly and I will be back again for the newest collection!

I was literally silent as I viewed this collection as I was in awe and so fascinated by every piece I seen, as some had been worn by famous celebrities and others that have made it in history for the unique pieces.

Most of this collection covers the 19th to 21st century and it was stated that a number of the pieces by the designers, were donated, in honour of Harold Koda, who retired as curator in charge of The Costume Institute last year.

The opening of the collection, stands a beautiful dress by Viktor & Rolf.

Hard to believe that Lady Gaga actually wore some of these shoes!! 

Proudly, one of the only hats on show in this collection was by Irish designer Philip Treacy… I did stare at this masterpiece for quiet a while, amazed of the exquisite detail of the ‘Paphiopedilum Philipinese Orchid Hat’.

I would happily wear this last piece, it was certainly my favourite;)

*One of my favourite ‘free/cheap’ things to do here in NYC*

Kel x

Blue Blue for Brooklyn Bridge

I have never been more confused about what to wear in this city… it goes from two days of rain, then snow (which I must say was amazing it was like a WinterWonderland) and then sunshine! Also there is so much walking to be done here, just keep walking for hours and something new and exciting will be found:)

So, thankfully I changed into better ‘exploring’ clothes, the day I walked Brooklyn Bridge, in DoubleDenim from Topshop and a classic Adidas top underneath from ASOS, as I would have gotten so cold because as soon as the sunshine dissapeared so too did the warmth! It is one of the most beautiful spots in NYC and especially just to take a step back and view the whole city and realising how lucky that I am to be Here in this Crazy, Beautiful, Breath Taking (literally) city that is New York.

Plus you can never go wrong with some DoubleDenim right!?

Kel x

New York, New York🍀

I never thought I would be writing this… here… in New York!!

(Apologies for the lack of posts, but it’s been crazy busy with the run up to Christmas and getting everything sorted before leaving Ireland!)

… So I have finally arrived in this amazing city and coming up to nearly a week here! (I know I cannot believe it!).. I also think that I’ve brought the Irish rainy weather with me!

You may have seen some of the beginning of my journey pics, on my Instagram @aztecdesires

It has honestly being the toughest process of leaving my beautiful home in Ireland with my amazing friends and family, to arriving in this breath-taking city where it’s everyone for one self. It has been a whirlwind of emotions since getting here, coming from a small town in Waterford where mostly everyone knows everyone, there is certainly a lot of changes, from not giving or getting a friendly ‘hi’ to someone on the street to getting lost numerous times on the subway, it really takes you out of your comfort zone and throws new experiences at you everyday, something which I am gradually taking all in! 

I am so thankful and overwhelmed for all the best wishes I got before leaving and cherish them all❤

This has definitely been one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my life… packing my whole like (and a lot of clothes) into two bags is crazy and after unpacking it feels like it’s only a little amount! Haha (I do own a lot of clothes!)

While I have thankfully found an apartment to base myself from which is great:) I am still in the process of job hunting, which sometimes feels like I am getting nowhere in this Big Apple with hundreds of other people wanting the same job as I do but I have to keep trying (and reassuring myself constantly) and it’s all part of my experience I guess and this is really a once in a life time opportunity so with all the emotions that come with it, I owe it to my self to give New York every inch of what I have and this new life that I have to make my own* …My Motto for 2017 is to Believe (something I really do need to do more of, seeing as I’ve made it this far*)

Wishing You all a Happy New Year,

From the capital of the world, NYC,

Kel x

Settling in to NYC

As today marks Two weeks in New York!!! I still can’t believe it but to be honest it kind of feels longer than that for how much that has happened it that short amount of time!

I finally have gotten round to writing this post… The two main things that needs to be done as soon as arriving here is finding an apartment and a job.

(Yes I got easily distracted by this Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & was yummy too!)

So as I have mentioned in my previous post I have very luckily, got myself an apartment! Yayy!! I didn’t mention was all the time it took before coming over here to find somewhere, I honestly started looking while I was waiting for my plane over and as soon as I arrived to set up viewings and after around a week I found a place in Queens… I know it’s not as fancy like in Gossip Girl on the Upper East side of Manhattan but I am settling in here and can pretty much get to anywhere I need to be from here and it’s super safe, which was one of my main priorities when searching.

In this crazy city it is so hard to find some places when your used to small streets and villages at home in Ireland, and getting myself lost (even with the help of GoogleMaps, I’m such a disaster!haha), I’ve learned that getting lost and being alone I got to explore more and really think about more of what I want to do here…

Which leads me to the ‘job’ part… Honestly, No I have not got a job here yet and even after applying to numerous job sites at the end of the day I haven’t lost hope yet and I’m still determined to get to what I came here for;)

I went on a trip to Ellis Island immigration centre a few days ago and seeing what thousands of people did to get to this ‘new land’ it certainly motivated me to keep pushing myself!

It really is a …’concrete jungle where dreams are made of’…

New York really is full of anything imaginable, and just after two weeks I feel like I have did so much, from being in Times Square on New Years Eve to snow covered, winter wonderland in Central Park…

As I’ve arrived here during the winter, I was surprised by all the snow!! Which is absolutely beautiful (but cold) I haven’t really took much outfit pics as I’ve been mostly wrapped up in my Zara coat, which as been a saviour in this cold:)

Hopefully I will get a chance soon to take some more:)

From NYC,

Kel x