‘Storm Stella’ in NYC

 Happy Weekend!! (nearly) I honestly thought I would be snowed in by now, after all the talk we had here about the snow ‘blizzard’ that was on its way to New York and all the hype about it, I thought the whole thing was a little over-dramatic if I’m honest! It was meant to be one of the worst storms that the city has ever experienced in years and everyone was told to stay indoors and the shops were crazy busy… it was like everyone was going into hibernation!! 

You may have seen on my Instagram (aztecdesires)

After it all, it was not half as bad as expected but at least it turned the city into a beautiful winter wonderland… So I just had to get to Central Park to see it all… before it had now started to turn into dirty slushy snow around the city!

Hope you’re all getting as excited for St.Patricks day coming up as I am;)

Kel x