Happy St. Patricks Day!

🍀🍀Happy St.Patricks Day🍀🍀

This is my first time not being at home and I could wish more than anything that I could be, celebrating with my friends & family… but it’s even more a reason to show how proud I am to be Irish in New York! I am honestly so proud of my nationality everyday, but even more so today on Irelands own St.Patricks day, especially as I am in a different city, a different country, hundreds of miles away from my home in Ireland. 

It always lifts up my heart that our little nation is known across the world for our good spirit, kindness and for clearly being the best fun of all countries… I’m not being biased I swear;) haha

Since moving over to New York, (after being here Three whole months!!) There have been a few things that I’ve noticed which pretty much summerise what it’s like to be Irish abroad…

  • Not caring that much for ‘Taytos’ or ‘Barry’s Tea’ when it was back home in Ireland but now the sight of them over here or in a care package, literally makes us all smile.
  • Missing the fresh air and green green fields, it’s a big difference to the ‘Concrete Jungle’ 
  • Explaining that, No the weather is not this cold (winter in NYC) in Ireland so I’m not used to this snow & cold.
  • For St.Patricks day, it’s shortened to ‘Paddys Day’, NOT, ‘Pattys Day’ and one of our traditional dishes is ‘bacon & cabbage’, NOT, ‘corned beef & cabbage’.
  • Explaining the cultural significance of a good ‘fry-up’ (Irish breakfast) and arguing about the skill of hurling & how it’s really not like any other sport.
  • Hearing an Irish accent in the streets of New York, gets me a little excited inside… missing how you could say hi to a complete stranger in passing because it’s just the norm in Ireland.

Hope everyone has a great day!

‘Sona lá st Pádraig’

Kel x