Coney Island


I honestly hate to say that ‘I Live for the weekend’ but this week I certainly did… a long week of work and humidity! This heat takes a lot of getting used to but it does beat being wrapped up in layers of clothes during the snow in the winter.

With there being so much to always do in the city, it’s also nice to get out of the noisy streets and go to the beach (even if the nearest beach is around an hour away) I try to go one day at the weekend if the weathers nice. My favourite beaches that I’ve been to are Rockaway beach and Coney Island, both are pretty easy to get there… just take the A/C train to Rockaway or the bus and the N/Q/F train to Coney Island to the last stop.

It’s a long way from any southern Irish beaches that I would usually be used to at home;)

I know I can’t believe I was wearing all black (bodysuit & shorts from Topshop) in the heat either, I guess I’ll never learn! 

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Happy Weekend!

Kel x


6 Months in NYC & Many more…

Today marks my 6th Month in New York City!! I can’t believe how the time has flown and how much I’ve experienced, in what feels to me a short period of time…

I have learned so much from this amazing city and even with all the nice images you see, behind that was a lot of ups and downs and worry if I would even last here… it certainly thought me that not everything comes easy and there is a hundred other people who want the same job, apartment, etc but you have to work hard! I would have never thought that I would have experienced what I have so far in this city… Literally anything can happen here!!

From meeting people here who knows a mutual friend at home to meeting random celebrities (Dr.Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds- I’m obsessed!) (Which can be seen over on my Instagram)

… If your given an opportunity, take it! You just never know where it could lead you or what connections could be made…

Even if this city makes you broke, because it certainly does, there’s always something, from an iced coffee to bottomless brunch;) I still never regret it

… I honestly was never a coffee person before coming here and now I know why everyone drinks it, it’s really a necessity!

…I’ve experienced all four seasons in my last 6months, from feet of snow (which I am certainly not used to), to rain, to sweaty humid heat in the summer:) 

I never knew what I would think about living here when I was planning it all those months ago but I really wouldn’t change a thing, it’s my NYC Adventure*

K x

Is black the only colour?

The weather is finally picking up here in NYC and it’s getting hotttt so that means much more sunscreen (people always seem so worried when they see my pale Irish skin out in the sun here), I have such funny skin that I might tan sometimes or just burn! I’ll never know why haha!

For such a fashion-forward city, I am still surprised by how much black seems to be still the favourite colour here but with the summer finally here I’m starting to see more colours around… I could ‘people watch’ all day long just looking and admiring people’s outfits.

If you love black or monochrome but don’t want to wear your same work pants or jeans, I’ve recently fallen in love with plisse pants, they are just so comfortable and loose fitting is great too for the warmer weather. Also, you can dress them up for work or like I did on my Sunday to Brooklyn Bridge with my Cons:)

                                                 I got mine in Topshop but I also found other ones I liked from Urban Outfitters,  Missguided and Polyvore.

My First NYFW

I’ve been absent from a while, with so much going on here, between having family over to visit and finally landing myself a really good job!! The time just flies by here without even realising it!

But if you want to hear, I am finally going to discuss my time at New York Fashion Week (I know it’s been months ago now and I do apologise*)Arriving to New York, I had big ambitions and high hopes for how easy it would be to get a job here… but no one tells you of how hard it is and how many times you will be told ‘Sorry, No’ or maybe not even any reply… but what I’ve learned is that ‘No’ doesn’t mean No to everything, it just means no that that particular job/position just wasn’t for me and that was the only thing that got me through it all.

It’s all about making connections here, so after joining every social media and job site and numerous hours of applying, researching and emailing as many people who ‘might know someone… who knows someone’ …I knew a lot of internships (especially during fashion week) are unpaid but my experience was worth it all!

I had finally landed an internship with Marchesa!! Honestly one of my dream dream designers! I  remember how my Mom and me had always been so amazed by how beautiful the dresses were and what imaginary occasion we would wear one of those dresses if we ever got a chance… We had just seen the finished gowns on celebrities on tv or in magazines so I was in total admiration of getting to see up close the details and dedication going into each design. I was lucky enough to be involved with helping backstage and not just going out to get supplies that we would need for the week & coffee, which was quiet stressful during times because the fact that I’m not from New York so trying to still figure out the subway and not get totally lost (was a task in itself.)  I think this is when I began to drink Iced-Coffee over here and would have it maybe once or twice every day here now and now I understand why there is such a love for coffee here! 

Getting to witness so many interesting parts of the preparation for a new collection and fashion week show, I was able to see the drawings of what the dresses were to look like to the finishing dresses and getting to see many models walk through the door for castings. When the night arrived for the collection to be revealed, there was so much excitement and it was so amazing to see how organized everything was and how all the work came down to this night, which only lasted around 10minutes for the show and it was all over again. ​​​

It was certainly one of the most stressful, yet satisfying experiences I have ever experienced but had really pushed me more to be in this city!(I loved this pic!! #interiorgoals)

Hope you enjoyed the details of my first NYFW & some other pics from The OliviaPalermoXBananaRepublic event.

Kel x

My Top Free things to do & see in NYC

As it’s the weekend and Sundays is usually my day here for exploring around New York City… I have decided to share some of my favourite things to do & see here, wether you’ve just moved here or your travelling here for a holiday… 

New York is such a great city, but expensive, so saving as much money as possible is always great, especially when it can be put more towards coffee & brunch;)After being here nearly two and a half months (which feels like a few weeks), I have already seen so much, so hopefully this list might be of interest to some people*…

1.) Brooklyn Bridge – This was one of the first attractions that I went to after arriving in New York. The views that can be seen from Brooklyn Bridge (especially on a sunny day) are something else. It does get very busy at the weekends  so sometimes can be slower on the walk back over the bridge but it’s worth taking your time to take in the views, it’s such a lovely walk.

2.) Dumbo – (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) If going to the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo is on the Brooklyn side of the bridge and if have time, it’s worth the visit on the same day… I’ve only just got to visit Dumbo last weekend but I loved it straight away! It’s such a nice peaceful area, away from the busy city and right by the waterfront.

3.) The Highline – Created from a disused rail line and now turned into a beautiful walk-way in Manhattan, which also goes through the Meatpacking District… it’s a lovely spot for having a picnic on a nice day and seeing amazing views of the city.

4.) Central Park – Since I’ve been in New York, I’ve already got to see Central Park in the sunshine and like a winter wonderland under a blanket of snow! It is so nice to get to any of the parks in the city, especially to just get to walk through and take in everything around you and even to see some grass and fresh air as it can’t be gotten that often in the city! There’s always food stands of some kind in the park and also three cafes/restaurants.

5.) Grand Central – I got to see it first, around Christmas time when all the decorations were still up, but even without them, it’s such a beautiful building. It’s not a bad looking station to arrive to off a train and it’s a good place to visit, perhaps, if it’s too cold to be outside to see any of the other attractions, grab a coffee and take in all the views from the steps inside the bustling Grand Central. 

6.) The MET – (Metropolitan Museum) Not everyday might have nice weather for being outside so days like those are made for museums like the MET… Even outside the museum is picture worthy, and inside is one of the biggest museums of the city, with endless hours/days of different areas to be seen (I still haven’t seen it all), and there is no fee for entrance just a donation fee of whatever you would like to pay…  -This picture is from the Fashion Costume Centre part of the museum.

7.) Getting Lost – No, I do not suggest to get lost! Haha (but it’s how I found out about more places around the city) , but by just wandering around New York, you get to see and stumble upon some of the best sites of the city, and I have honestly found people to be so helpful if you want to ask for directions or there’s also GoogleMaps;)

Hope this may help some of you exploring the city… I know there is much more to add and after more time I will add more again… 

I would love to hear of any other free things to do & see that you would suggest..?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Kel x

The High Line

Happy Friday!!! As it’s a long weekend here for ‘Presidents Day’ on Monday, people seem to be more excited for the weekend then ever:) haha and rightly so! 

Every weekend, I always try and go to either The High Line or Central Park for the beautiful views and fresh air… Sometimes, you have to be reminded of how beautiful New York is outside of the busy noises & bright lights!

If you follow me on  Instagram , you will see how much I love these places although it always seems to be super super cold by the High Line, especially during winter, but it’s worth it:)

After finishing up at New York Fashion Week (which my upcoming post will be about*) it was nice to get outside… I cannot wait for Spring to arrive, not saying that I want my time to go quicker here in New York as it’s already flying by as it! I am looking forward to not having to leave my cosy apartment in 4tops, 3pairs of socks, 2pairsoftights, a pair of gloves, hat, scarf & my big winter coat! My Zara coat has especially saved me during the cold here, but you would sometimes think I wear nothing else:/ Apparently we are meant to have a warm weekend, but who knows the weather here is just so unpredictable! As long as the rain stays away I’m happy!

Have a great weekend!

Kel x

Things New York has thought me so far…

This weekend marks my sixth weekend here in New York. I really have no idea where the time has gone! I have learned and seen so much in that short amount of time, which sometimes feels like less than a few weeks to me… It has certainly tested my emotions and motality, what this city has thrown at me but at the end of the day I still feel so lucky and appreciative of being here… 

( – All of my New York adventure, where these photos are from, can be found on my Instagram @aztecdesires )

… hese are just some things which I’ve learned so far here in the Big Apple:

• Everyone is always, Always in a rush here… so you need to walk fast or move in out of the way because you will get pushed or grunted to move… but after being here this short amount of time, I too realise that I seem to walk around at a faster pace too! Haha

• You will always be Broke… it is an expensive city, between rent, phone credit and subway cards to going out for food and tipping*… learning to budget your money will be key!

• When in doubt, wear black… although it’s one of the Fashion capitals of the world, if you feel like you have nothing to wear (like every girl at some stage does) adding a stylish belt or glam boots will change every outfit… New York loves wearing black!

•  Wear good shoes… runners/trainers will be your best friend when you realise how much walking around you actually end up doing, having them or flats in your bag (I’ve also realised how much more I carry around with me:0) …you will be happy to have the comfort at the end of the day.

• It’s February now… the weather seems as unpredictable as Ireland! Since I’ve been here, there have been sunny days, rain & snow (more snow than I’ve seen in years back in Ireland) so an umbrella or a good coat is a necessity.

•New Yorkers are obsessed with coffee and avocado… I have always loved avocado(and rice cakes for my friends who know me;)) and I never liked coffee but once I tried iced-cawwfeee (with syrup Mmm) I have become obsessed! Yes, there are literally coffee shops on every corner and street, so if you want to rest your feet which will happen a lot or to get your extra coffee or juice boost.

• Battery packs / portable phone chargers… I never realised how much I rely on these, with the amount of time using Google Maps or taking pictures of something new you spot everyday, this all takes up so much battery usage and the worst feeling is when your phone dies and not remembering the address of your destination (this has happened to me a few times;( I seem to have the worst sense of direction)

• Lastly, Whenever I feel like I’m failing, although it’s hard, I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be here and how hundreds others are and have been in the past, trying to make it here too… New York will emotionally and mentally push and pull you & test you in every way, but I already feel it has made me into a stronger person (how cheesy that may sound) from getting lost, yes daily… to not getting a job that I thought I had nailed… but ‘What’s for you won’t pass you’ (I am a true believer of that!)

One other thing that I love here is how diverse it is and how there is a story with everyone you meet and inspiration in places you go… 

Hope your all having a great weekend*

(PS; Sorry this post ended up being longer than I had planned!)

Kel x