Spring Sunshine

Since arriving in New York, I have certainly seen a lot of changes in the weather! It was a chilly start to February and I finally gave in a bought a pair of winter boots… okay so they are not exactly the proper snow boots but they are waterproof and that will have to do because I just couldn’t give in to some of those ‘ugly’ snow boots so if the snow comes round again I’ll be layering back on the socks!Haha

So finally, this last weekend, the weather was nice and warm and it was the first day in a long time that it wasn’t freezing so I took advantage of the higher temperatures and went to explore Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) … I could actually get out without my big winter coat on, which is always great seeing as I sometimes felt like it was all I was wearing at one stage!

At the weekend, I always love to venture out of the busy city, so I mostly end up along the High Line or Central Park and Dumbo will for sure, be added to that list. It reminds me of a cute seaside town, it’s so nice to walk around without hearing noisy car horns, alarms or not so nice smells and instead smelling fresh sea air, stone-oven cooked pizzas(there was some waiting in line, involved) and of course ending the day with yummy chocolate crepes. 

I wore; my blue blazer from H&M, my favourite Coated Jamie Jeans from Topshop and also my chocker, which I think is one of my favourite (easy to diy) accessories. I love being able to change up outfits with just some different accessories… my new New boots are from Steve Madden …I’ve just noticed (unlucky for me!) that they’ve gone into sale… So happy shopping;)

Hope your having a great week so far!

Kel x


The High Line

Happy Friday!!! As it’s a long weekend here for ‘Presidents Day’ on Monday, people seem to be more excited for the weekend then ever:) haha and rightly so! 

Every weekend, I always try and go to either The High Line or Central Park for the beautiful views and fresh air… Sometimes, you have to be reminded of how beautiful New York is outside of the busy noises & bright lights!

If you follow me on  Instagram , you will see how much I love these places although it always seems to be super super cold by the High Line, especially during winter, but it’s worth it:)

After finishing up at New York Fashion Week (which my upcoming post will be about*) it was nice to get outside… I cannot wait for Spring to arrive, not saying that I want my time to go quicker here in New York as it’s already flying by as it! I am looking forward to not having to leave my cosy apartment in 4tops, 3pairs of socks, 2pairsoftights, a pair of gloves, hat, scarf & my big winter coat! My Zara coat has especially saved me during the cold here, but you would sometimes think I wear nothing else:/ Apparently we are meant to have a warm weekend, but who knows the weather here is just so unpredictable! As long as the rain stays away I’m happy!

Have a great weekend!

Kel x