Is black the only colour?

The weather is finally picking up here in NYC and it’s getting hotttt so that means much more sunscreen (people always seem so worried when they see my pale Irish skin out in the sun here), I have such funny skin that I might tan sometimes or just burn! I’ll never know why haha!

For such a fashion-forward city, I am still surprised by how much black seems to be still the favourite colour here but with the summer finally here I’m starting to see more colours around… I could ‘people watch’ all day long just looking and admiring people’s outfits.

If you love black or monochrome but don’t want to wear your same work pants or jeans, I’ve recently fallen in love with plisse pants, they are just so comfortable and loose fitting is great too for the warmer weather. Also, you can dress them up for work or like I did on my Sunday to Brooklyn Bridge with my Cons:)

                                                 I got mine in Topshop but I also found other ones I liked from Urban Outfitters,  Missguided and Polyvore.

America here I come!!


So, The day has finally come and I’m off to Boston, U.S!!

Iv never been soo excited and nervous at the same time but I can’t wait to start my adventure and hope to have more of an idea about future travels after college…

I am still a little worried that I haven’t packed everything between all the documents and forms as part of my J1 Summer Visa, and then on top of that was over stressing with packing and re-packing so many times and trying to keep in mind that I will for sure purchase over there also but that tends to slip my mind when my bag is nearly overweight!! Haha!

I have always dreamed about visiting America, especially Boston, New York and Washington and cannot wait to experience everything !*

Hope everyone has a lovely summer

Kel xx


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From less than 2weeks from now I am heading off state side to America for the whole summer!!
I am so so excited after finally getting my Visa for America it feels much closer now, time is flying!
I have always dreamed about going to America and didn’t get the chance to when my Mom went a few years ago.
Our initial plan is to head to Boston, where it’s always been a place I wanted to visit, it looks so beautiful…and also having plans to go to New York(being one of the fashion capitals of the world I just cannot wait!!)
As I’m nearly finished college this should hopefully give me more future ideas about what my plans may be when I finish my course, Iv got to start planning from somewhere!*

Also… Iv been buying bits every few days for my trip,
and managed to buy over five pairs of sunglasses!
Slight obsession;) You can get ones like these here on Ebay

Have a great weekend!
Kel x*

Study Vibes Sunday

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*All of my Outfit is from Penneys/Primark

For as long as I can remember Sunday has always been a favourite day of mine, especially cause its the last day of the week to chill and visit around… except for today because I have to head back inside to study for my upcoming exams starting tomorrow 😦 study is hard especially when all you can think of is finishing and plans for after but
Fingers crossed they will all go better than expected for me and everyone else doing them!*

Kel* x