Coney Island


I honestly hate to say that ‘I Live for the weekend’ but this week I certainly did… a long week of work and humidity! This heat takes a lot of getting used to but it does beat being wrapped up in layers of clothes during the snow in the winter.

With there being so much to always do in the city, it’s also nice to get out of the noisy streets and go to the beach (even if the nearest beach is around an hour away) I try to go one day at the weekend if the weathers nice. My favourite beaches that I’ve been to are Rockaway beach and Coney Island, both are pretty easy to get there… just take the A/C train to Rockaway or the bus and the N/Q/F train to Coney Island to the last stop.

It’s a long way from any southern Irish beaches that I would usually be used to at home;)

I know I can’t believe I was wearing all black (bodysuit & shorts from Topshop) in the heat either, I guess I’ll never learn! 

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Happy Weekend!

Kel x


Sunday Strolls

The weeks (over 4 now!) seem to be just flying by here and I can’t believe that it’s now February!! But it’s still winter weather here in NYC and apparently it’s meant to be a cold cold month ahead!

I took a break from my big winter coat, although it has saved me in this cold, I sometimes felt like I was nearly living in it! Which you might have noticed from many of my pics @aztecdesires Instagram ,where you can keep up to date with everything:)

I also may need to invest in better boots for the cold, I’ve resisted it for a while but noticing on the streets of New York or on the subway it really is about comfort and being realistic, or some people might carry their ‘more stylish’ shoes in their bags with them…  let me know if you know of any brands who do nice cosy, but still a stylish pair? Until then… I’m slowly starting to lose feeling of my toes (with three pairs of socks on) haha!

Sundays are always the nicest spent strolling Central Park… it’s so nice to get fresh air out of the city streets and different smells around the park reminds me of one of my river walks from home in Ireland.

(PS; this was not an ad for Starbucks! Haha! I just Love their iced coffee macchiato;))

My outfit, around Central Park… I wore, (what I seem to be living in here) boots and leather pants from Topshop and my cosy knit top and no-sleeve cardigan from Primark.

You just can’t leave the apartment here without a million and one layers but it’s making it feel a bit easier to settle in, with the weather alike from home too!

Happy Monday:)

Kel x

Sweater Weather

With now, under a month until New York… I cannot believe it!!!
I have been picking up my last few essentials over the past week… mostly from Penneys / Primark … as everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to go into Penneys / Primark without picking up at least one or two things and with the A/W range being very impressive this year it’s pretty hard not to!

This cosy knitwear with shirt detail underneath, and hat are my latest of finds from there… it’s really warm and cosy, just what I think I’m going to need for the colder weather in New York.

The rest of my outfit is from Topshop **

Winter time is always my favourite especially for styling and layering up, I feel so many more looks can be gotten out of winter wear.
A lot of my knitwear I keep from previous years but I still always purchase new pieces every year too as you can’t beat that fresh softness of new knits and their deffinately one of the essential wardrobe pieces for A/W.

While I have honestly being packing and unpacking for a few weeks (yes I know it’s a bit crazy!) it’s full on hit me now that I am going and what essentials I need to bring with me and having to try and hide my inner hoarder;) to finish my packing without bringing unnecessary items along with me!

Kel x

Layering Up


For some people, winter means layering up and not still being stylish but I think thats a misperception… I have always loved Winter fashion and the colours of the season.
So hate on Winter all you want (okay I know the fact of the coldness sucks), but if nothing else, with chillier weather comes the opportunity to wear two or three of your favourite outfits at once!

The colder weather means layering up and having in mind the even colder weather that I’m going to face over in New York, I was trying to think of ways that I would get more wear out of some pieces in my wardrobe… so even layering up with a long-sleeved or polo neck top under an off-season dress can totally change up an outfit.

Everything I wore today is from Topshop **

Have a fab week,

Kel x

Traveling Beauties

The excitement and nerves are full on for my departure for NY and I still cannot believe it’s really happening!!

With my major wardrobe clear out in full progress, after coming upon some pieces where I think I only wore once and some I had a few moments of ‘what were you thinking when you bought this!?’👎🏼🙈🙈

I have recently bought a few pieces which I think I may get some different stylish looks out of for work or interviews… This is one dress (of course in black*) that I recently bought in Topshop … But I’ll always need more than one LBD right.? 😉

If there is one thing that being sick the last few weeks has shown me, is that you have to look after yourself inside and out and started with stocking up on vitamins and also because I do wear makeup majority of the week so I was looking for something that I could take to NewYork with me, for taking off my makeup but that doesn’t irritate my skin (that wouldn’t be too heavy) I tend to have sensitive/dry skin so I needed something that would work for my skin type.

I Finally got my ‘mits’ on the infamous Cleanse Off Mitt !!! And Woww I am seriously impressed! I have followed the Skin Nerd – Jennifer Rock, for a long time and she is my ‘go-to skin encyclopaedia’ when it comes to anything about your skin, she is so honest about her advice that you just want to hear everything she has to say.

After the Cleanse Off Mitt was released it wasn’t easy to get as it sold out straight away but I finally found a stockist at Inish Pharmacy and got it in the post within a few days.

You would not think that from just using the Mitt that it takes off all your makeup (including eye makeup) by just adding water. It is honestly so soft and a great replacement for makeup remover wipes… and even happier that I will be able to take it with me on my travels.

I highly recommend it to anyone, especially people on the go or travelling🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kel x


I cannot believe it’s already November and with only 9weeks to go until New York and Christmas😉I am beginning to start thinking about what I’ll need to be bringing with me (without being totally over my baggage weight) and while probably packing and re-packing in the process!

It’s finally so nice to be fresh outside after being sick for the past two weeks…

Starting off Winter with Primark (sleeveless coat & inside top) and Topshop (Boots & Leggings) …  I have always wanted a nice sleeveless long winter coat and I love this one I purchased from Primark, with a detachable fur I will be able to wear it in so many ways and got a cosy fur head band from River Island because I am all for the cosy-ness in Winter time and  Definitely an outfit I will be bringing with me.

I love Christmas time and especially that it is the first year without college exams and study to worry for, I am going to take full advantage of that!*****🌟🌟🎁🎄🎅🏻

Kel x


Topshop bodysuit (similar types  here )
Topshop pants (similar here )
Boohoo bowler hat ( here )

*Home is where the heart is*

Its always nice to be able to go somewhere to escape from everything and living in a city where its always busy, its especially extra nice when I get to come home and walk my dog by the river or just chill in my garden … Its only now the more away from home that I spend, the more I appreciate the little things.
If its not for the beautiful views of home, (when the weather is not so nice) I would be drinking all the mocha’s and yummy scones in the SummerHouse Cafe Lismore  😉

While I was home I took some quick pictures, but unfortunately had a change in weather as it got a little dull and windy (This is certainly the very last this time of my off-the shoulder bodysuits for autumn/winter, as I have got to face that it is getting too cold 😦
but are still key for nights out, paired with heels*).

Enjoy the week,
K* x