Coney Island


I honestly hate to say that ‘I Live for the weekend’ but this week I certainly did… a long week of work and humidity! This heat takes a lot of getting used to but it does beat being wrapped up in layers of clothes during the snow in the winter.

With there being so much to always do in the city, it’s also nice to get out of the noisy streets and go to the beach (even if the nearest beach is around an hour away) I try to go one day at the weekend if the weathers nice. My favourite beaches that I’ve been to are Rockaway beach and Coney Island, both are pretty easy to get there… just take the A/C train to Rockaway or the bus and the N/Q/F train to Coney Island to the last stop.

It’s a long way from any southern Irish beaches that I would usually be used to at home;)

I know I can’t believe I was wearing all black (bodysuit & shorts from Topshop) in the heat either, I guess I’ll never learn! 

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Happy Weekend!

Kel x


6 Months in NYC & Many more…

Today marks my 6th Month in New York City!! I can’t believe how the time has flown and how much I’ve experienced, in what feels to me a short period of time…

I have learned so much from this amazing city and even with all the nice images you see, behind that was a lot of ups and downs and worry if I would even last here… it certainly thought me that not everything comes easy and there is a hundred other people who want the same job, apartment, etc but you have to work hard! I would have never thought that I would have experienced what I have so far in this city… Literally anything can happen here!!

From meeting people here who knows a mutual friend at home to meeting random celebrities (Dr.Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds- I’m obsessed!) (Which can be seen over on my Instagram)

… If your given an opportunity, take it! You just never know where it could lead you or what connections could be made…

Even if this city makes you broke, because it certainly does, there’s always something, from an iced coffee to bottomless brunch;) I still never regret it

… I honestly was never a coffee person before coming here and now I know why everyone drinks it, it’s really a necessity!

…I’ve experienced all four seasons in my last 6months, from feet of snow (which I am certainly not used to), to rain, to sweaty humid heat in the summer:) 

I never knew what I would think about living here when I was planning it all those months ago but I really wouldn’t change a thing, it’s my NYC Adventure*

K x

Counting Down

As some might know, I have constantly being talking about how much Iv wanted to go travelling after college and now that I finally bit the bullet and put my plans into action I am moving to New York, today, two months time!!
Soo crazy…terrifying…exciting…nerve-wrecking all in one but (I think) I’m ready to take it all on and all on my own!! 🙏🏽😮

Since going on my J1 to Boston last Summer, I absolutely loved it and since then the ‘Travelbug’ has not left me… I have always dreamed of going to New York, from my love of fashion to living of Sex&TheCity and GossipGirl… but I know it’s not all glam on a daily over there but from hearing that this could be the last year of the Graduate Visa, I’m going to take it as ‘a sign’ that I’m to go now if I don’t get a chance to again! (Also to anyone else interested I think there still could be a few spaces left with USIT)

Now all Iv got to do is start the countdown to my next adventure… Iv already started writing lists to ‘raid’ Penneys/Primark before I leave🙈🙈😍😂

…So now I just have to get better because being stuck inside because I’m sick is really no fun!🤒👎🏼👎🏼

*’Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of…’ 🇮🇪🇺🇸 *

Kel x


Topshop bodysuit (similar types  here )
Topshop pants (similar here )
Boohoo bowler hat ( here )

*Home is where the heart is*

Its always nice to be able to go somewhere to escape from everything and living in a city where its always busy, its especially extra nice when I get to come home and walk my dog by the river or just chill in my garden … Its only now the more away from home that I spend, the more I appreciate the little things.
If its not for the beautiful views of home, (when the weather is not so nice) I would be drinking all the mocha’s and yummy scones in the SummerHouse Cafe Lismore  😉

While I was home I took some quick pictures, but unfortunately had a change in weather as it got a little dull and windy (This is certainly the very last this time of my off-the shoulder bodysuits for autumn/winter, as I have got to face that it is getting too cold 😦
but are still key for nights out, paired with heels*).

Enjoy the week,
K* x


images                         download (1)download (2)mylogo_medium

From less than 2weeks from now I am heading off state side to America for the whole summer!!
I am so so excited after finally getting my Visa for America it feels much closer now, time is flying!
I have always dreamed about going to America and didn’t get the chance to when my Mom went a few years ago.
Our initial plan is to head to Boston, where it’s always been a place I wanted to visit, it looks so beautiful…and also having plans to go to New York(being one of the fashion capitals of the world I just cannot wait!!)
As I’m nearly finished college this should hopefully give me more future ideas about what my plans may be when I finish my course, Iv got to start planning from somewhere!*

Also… Iv been buying bits every few days for my trip,
and managed to buy over five pairs of sunglasses!
Slight obsession;) You can get ones like these here on Ebay

Have a great weekend!
Kel x*